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Colorful images of 2 young men with their arms in the air playing sports

The author provides a firsthand insight into his life as a trailblazer who, despite being deaf, became a successful athlete, father, coach, and life mentor in a hearing world. 

From the book cover:

"Lost his hearing at the age of three
Dreamt of being an airline pilot
Came close to racing motorcycles
Became a high school basketball star
Was a multiple volleyball champion
Represented USA Men's Volleyball
Now a well-known volleyball legend
Helped others reach for their dreams
Never learned or used sign language"

Brian Ehlers
Independently Published, 2020
Sports Signs

This Sports Signs DVD is designed for use by anybody interested in becoming more familiar with sports and the signs associated with the sport.  The DVD covers Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball and Soccer and each sport has three sections: a history of the game, an overview of the rules of the game and finally the vocabulary used to play the game.  The vocabulary is shown from two angles in order to fully view the sign.

Sign Media
Burtonsville, MD: Sign Media, Inc., 2011
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