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Sign Language: Homeschool

SKI-HI Total Communication Video Program

This program was developed to teach Total Communication to families of young deaf and/or hard of hearing children in their homes. Each lesson shows the family how to make signs. Then there is a check to see how well family members learned the signs. Finally, there are practice sentences, demonstrations and sign tips to show application of the signs. There are six DVDs in the set.

Disk 1
Lesson 1: Identify Members of the Family
Lesson 2: Getting Along With the Family
Lesson 3: More Family Survival Signs
Lesson 4: Getting Up
Lesson 5: Getting Dressed
Lesson 6: Brushing Teeth & Combing Hair
Lesson 7: Changing Diapers
Lesson 8: Getting a Drink
Lesson 9: Going to the Bathroom

Disk 2
Lesson 10: Getting Dressed for Bed
Lesson 11: Storytime (Intro to Animals)
Lesson 12: Little Rhymes, Songs & Prayers
Lesson 13: Foods
Lesson 14: More Foods & Eating Meals
Lesson 15: Preparing Meals
Lesson 16: Body Parts
Lesson 17: Getting Hurt & Being Sick
Lesson 18: Expressing Feelings

Disk 3
Lesson 19: Things in the House
Lesson 20: Taking Care of Clothes
Lesson 21: Setting & Clearing the Table
Lesson 22: Toys & Playthings
Lesson 23: Playing Outside the House
Lesson 24: Playing Inside the House
Lesson 25: Traveling
Lesson 26: Visiting Places
Lesson 27: Going to School
Lesson 28: Manual Alphabet
Lesson 29: Question & Connecting Words
Lesson 30: Prepositions & Affixes

Disc 4
Lesson 31: Relatives & Relationships
Lesson 32: Identifiers & Pronouns
Lesson 33: People in the Community
Lesson 34: Body Parts
Lesson 35: Sickness & Injury
Lesson 36: Clothing
Lesson 37: Home & Farm Animals
Lesson 38: Wild Animals
Lesson 39: Birds, Fish, Insects & Reptiles

Disk 5
Lesson 40: Fruits & Vegetables
Lesson 41: Treats & Beverages
Lesson 42: Meats, Main Dishes & Cooking Ingredients
Lesson 43: Describing People & Things
Lesson 44: Describing Sizes, Amounts, Distances & Actions
Lesson 45: Ways of Feeling
Lesson 46: Things in the House
Lesson 47: Things in the Yard
Lesson 48: Nature

Disc 6
Lesson 49: Days & Time
Lesson 50: Months & Seasons
Lesson 51: Holidays & Celebrations
Lesson 52: Communication & Action Words
Lesson 53: Action Words
Lesson 54: Less Action Words
Lesson 55: Getting There (Transportation & Directions)
Lesson 56: Places
Lesson 57: Countries
Lesson 58: At School
Lesson 59: Reading, Writing, Arithmetic & Communication Skills
Lesson 60: Music, Science, Art, & Sports

North Logan, UT: Ski-Hi Institute, c2006
Signing Time My First Signs Volume 1

From their magical world, Alex, Leah and Hopkins, their frog invite infants and children to learn to sign. The Signing Time Series combines signing children and infants, animation, and music and an adult that models each sign. Volume 1, My First Signs presents eighteen (18) sign concepts including milk, bird, want, eat and cat. Available with Spanish play options.

Two Little Hands Productions
Salt Lake City, UT: Two Little Hands Productions, c2007
Using Signing Time in Homeschool Programs

The Guide “Using Signing Time in Homeschool Programs” provides useful information about how parents can use Signing Time to support their homeschool curriculum across all subject areas. The full guide includes the following sections:

  • Using Signing Time to Fit:
    • Your Child’s Learning Style
    • Your Teaching Style
    • Your Budget
    • The Ages, Stages and Number of Children
    • Subject Matter
    • Your Use of Technology
  • Signing Basics
  • Signing Across Subject Areas
  • Themed Activities
  • Parent Resources
  • Overview of the Signing Time Classroom Edition
  • What is Signing Time?
  • Success Stories
Colleen Brunetti; Liz Guerrini
Salt Lake City, UT: Two Little Hands Productions, 20--?
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