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This video presents information that will help family members of deaf and hard of hearing infants and young children learn some basic hearing aid management skills. Parent advisors describe: the anatomy of the ear, tests given to check levels of hearing, audiograms, functions of the hearing aid, fitting the aid, a daily listening check for the device, establishing full-time usage, care for the aid, and troubleshooting the hearing aid focusing primarily on the problem of acoustic feedback.

Written, directed and produced by the SKI*HI Institute, Department of Communication Disorders


This video tape presents very candid and heart-felt comments and discussions from parents about their children who are deaf. They share insight about how important it was to learn about deafness and deaf culture and what it meant being able to participate in the Deaf community. The video is shown two times on the DVD, first in English then in Spanish.

Hope Publishing


This guide provides useful tips and strategies for parents, grandparents and other family members. The full guide includes the following sections:

  • Signing with Infants (0-12 months)
  • Signing with Toddlers (13-36 months)
  • Signing with Older Children (3-103 months)
  • Signing with Children with Special Needs
  • What is Signing Time?
  • Success Stories
  • Signing Time Series One Sign Review
  • Signing Time Song Lyrics
Two Little Hands Production


The Guide “Enhancing Literacy Instruction Using Signing Time” provides useful information about how teachers and parents can use Signing Time to help children learn to read. The full guide includes the following sections:

Virginia Brown; Robin Williams


The Guide “Using Signing Time with Children Who Have Down Syndrome” provides useful information about how parents and teachers can use Signing Time to support the development of important language and social skills of children with Down syndrome. The full guide includes the following sections:

Annie Young; Colleen Brunetti


This DVD tackles the tough subject of youth suicide and provides strategies of awareness and prevention for parents.  The presentation consists of statistical information about youth suicide, warning signs of suicidal ideation, elevated risk factors, what a parent can do, and resources for assistance.  On disc 1, a facilitator guide is included which easily leads the facilitator through the steps necessary to present the program.  Talking points are also provided to help the facilitator initiate discussion and answer questions regarding the information provided.  The presentation that will

The Jason Foundation


Create an IEP with this start-to-finish guide for caring parents! 

Your special needs child needs a special education, and as a parent, you face a number of obstacles as you work with your school district to develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP) - lots of steps, complicated paperwork, and intimidating procedures may seem like too much to take on...

...but you can do it! Let The Complete IEP Guide guide you through this complex process with vital information, strategies, and the encouragement you need to secure your child's education. Get everything you need to:

Lawrence M. Siegel


Karen Putz grew up hard of hearing and became deaf as a teen. When her own kids began losing their hearing one by one, she figured she had all the answers. She quickly learned it was a whole other ball game to be a parent of deaf and hard of hearing kids. Karen shares the twists and turns of her journey and the wisdom she's learned along the way.

Karen Putz


The book examines the emotions and struggles parents go through while raising a deaf child, as well as the family development as a whole in order to make sure that the child grows up with a healthy and strong personality.

Corinne Cheatham