Mainstreaming / Inclusion


You're a general educator. You teach high school classes. Most likely you've taught some kids with disabilities over the years. Kids who are blind or who have ADHD or who are deaf. Maybe you haven't. Perhaps this is your first year as a teacher. In any case, this year you have a student who is deaf. Maybe you have a pretty good idea what to do. More likely, you don't. It's okay. Don't feel bad if you haven't the faintest clue where to start. This book is for you.Also in this book is a checklist on how you can better include your student academically and socially.

Kelly Short


"I sat in meeting after meeting listening to Max's teachers say 'What a joy it is to have Max in my class.' They talked about this little boy always smiling and a delight to teach. Two years later these same teachers said we can't educate Max. Then the District wanted to toss Max aside after wasting two years of his education with no real plan. I should have known there was something wrong when Max said to one of his teachers 'I don't want to come here anymore. Nobody likes me.

Tom Gibson