Legal Interpreting


Consecutive interpreting is waiting until a speaker/presenter has completed an entire thought, sentence or several sentences then relaying what he/she has said. Consecutive note-taking is written assistance to aid in short-term memory. Holly Mikkelson, a state and federally certified court interpreter, uses the Loftus Memory Model to present a preferred method of consecutive interpreting and note-taking.

ACEBO Video Productions


In this 45-minute DVD, Holly Mikkelson provides a point-by-point explanation of the model Interpret's Code of Ethics developed by the National Center for State Courts and explores many of the ethical issues that face court interpreters on a daily basis. Included with the video is a 30-page booklet that contains the model Code of Ethics and a copy of Holly’s article “Professional Ethics and the Role of the Court Interpreter.” The video is in English and is a must-see for all court interpreters and aspiring court interpreters, whatever their language combination.

Holly Mikkelson