Learning ASL


This tape demonstrates the 20 lessons and some of the activities in the book Come Sign With Us. It is a useful beginning instructional sign language tape for hearing children (aged 10 and up) and teachers. Facial expression, fingerspelling, animals, sports, food, and color signs are among the lessons taught.

Gallaudet University Press


A nationally known leader in the Deaf community, Petra Horn Rose, explains and demonstrates basic features of American Sign Language including time and temporal aspects, facial expressions, active voice, classifiers, loan signs, questions, pronouns, plurals, incorporation, directionality, topicalization, sight line, and sign repetition.

HOPE, Inc.


This video series, “ASL for Families” is a set of 5 DVDs composed of 37 lessons designed to correspond with and reference the ASL lessons found in the SKI-HI produced Deaf Mentor Curriculum, which is available but not required. Each lesson features an ASL concept, presentation of vocabulary and practice sentences. The tapes are designed to provide instructional support and practice to families as they learn ASL concepts from their Deaf mentor, but can also be used by anyone learning ASL.

Hope Publishing


Intended for people with a previous knowledge of ASL to take their knowledge of ASL to the next level with this series of advanced American Sign Language training programs.  This series utilizes the skills and techniques of performers and teachers with extensive experience in the deaf community and deaf education.  Each individual program presents a lecture, signed by Angela Stratiy, that focuses on a significant facet of ASL.  The lecture is then followed by several stories signed in ASL by deaf signers chosen to represent a variety of signing styles and regional signs withi

Angela Stratiy; Donna Korpinisky


Welcome to the fourth most commonly used language in the United States - sign language. English subtitles appear as an aid. Learn at your own pace by replaying the lessons until you feel comfortable moving on to the next lesson. Repetition is the key to learning any foreign language.

Elaine Costello


Bob Hiltermann, a deaf actor and comedian, teaches American Sign Language in a way meant to educate and entertain.  Bob uses Sim-Com. Outtakes are included at the end of each video.

Episode #1:        Don’t Worry, Be Happy                
This episode teaches introductions, emotions & states of being, verbs & nouns, and the first letters of the alphabet. The special features include a signed music video for “Don’t Worry Be Happy”. 

Bob Hiltermann


This set of materials is geared towards the beginner signer introducing them to American Sign Language through the alphabet, numbers, and important conversational words and phrases.   The book introduces several topics and the signs associated with those topics.  These signs are demonstrated on the DVD and are also on the accompanying flashcards.

Topics covered:

Catherine Nichols