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Native Fingerspelling

This DVD is meant to improve both receptive and expressive fingerspelling skills through 15 lesson plans presenting 532 words of receptive and expressive practice. There are three games which can be played in one, two and team player modes. There is an additional 160 minutes worth of practice content. CEUs can be earned.

Winkshop, Inc
Palm Harbor, FL: Winkshop, Inc c2012
Fingerspelled Stories: Stories From 10 to 45 Words Per Minute

Fingerspelled stories are presented by a variety of people in a range of speeds from 10 to 45 WPM (words per minute).

Titles and times of stories presented:
10 WPM – Writing Systems
12 WPM – My Mother and I
12 WPM – The Guilty Dog
24 WPM – Understanding
25 WPM – Reading Stories
26 WPM – Tallahassee Rally
28 WPM – Ski Champ
30 WPM – A Simple Solution
35 WPM – Early Intervention
40 WPM – Coffee
40 WPM – Jokes
44 WPM – La Coquina

Dr. Sign
Gainesville, Fla. : M & M Multi-Media Productions, c2006
Alphabets Around the World

Provides a sample of various manual alphabets used in 18 selected countries around the world. It illustrates some of the differences and similarities between them. Each of the individuals featured in this tape is Deaf and is from the country indicated. Each alphabet is presented 3 times - once at full speed, once in slow motion and again at full speed. Prior knowledge of a given countries’ alphabet would be useful. Alphabets from the following countries are included: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Chana, Italy, Japan, Namibia, Pakistan, Quebec, Thailand, United States, U.S.S.R., and Venezuela.

Dennis Cokely
Burtonsville, MD: Sign Media, Inc., 1990, 2012
Shut Up and Sign: Reading Fingerspelling Series

Bob Hiltermann, a deaf actor, provides practice for reading fingerspelling with words, numbers, and sentences. 

Beginner Level 1:    
Includes over 200 words & numbers and 25 sentences.  The ASL alphabet is taught. The fingerspelled words/sentences are arranged in topics including animals and foods.

Intermediate Level 2:  
Includes over 300 words & numbers and 35 sentences.  The fingerspelled words/sentences are arranged in topics including names, around the house, and transportation.

Advanced Level 3:               
Includes over 400 words & numbers and 45 sentences.  The fingerspelled words/sentences are arranged in topics including work, earth, cities and sports.

Bob Hiltermann
Van Nuys, Calif.: Shut up and Sign, 2012
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