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For Hearing People Only: Answers to Some of the Most Commonly Asked Questions about the Deaf Community, Its Culture, and the "Deaf Reality": Student's Workbook

For Hearing People Only: Student’s Workbook can be used for either self-guided instruction or in conjunction with a formal high-school or college course. Each workbook chapter, keyed to a book chapter, contains:

• five multiple-choice questions

• five true/false questions

• five fill-in-the-blanks statements

• two or more essay questions

Matthew S. Moore and Linda Levitan
Rochester, N.Y. : Deaf Life Press, 2008
Interview Bloopers

Interview Bloopers: A Comical Look at Interviewing Deaf Applicants-Demonstrates common errors people make when using an interpreter and interaction with a deaf person during an interview. This is done using a situation role play followed by a discussion of the inappropriate behaviors presented (1983)

The New Interview Bloopers - This lighthearted videotape is designed for hearing managers and supervisors who will be performing an employment interview with a deaf person and interpreter for the first time. It is also useful for people who have questions about what is or is not legal when soliciting information and for helping professionals understand the feelings a deaf person may have during an improper interview (1995)

Gallaudet University Career Center
Washington, D.C.: Gallaudet College Television, 1983, 1995
Learn About Hearing Loss

A series of seven 4-minute captioned videos produced by HLAA and Knowlera Media.  The videos provide accurate information about hearing loss and what can be done about it:
   1.  Hearing Loss Basic Facts
   2.  Hearing Loss Symptoms
   3.  Hearing Loss Diagnosis
   4.  Hearing Loss Treatments
   5.  Living with Hearing Loss
   6.   Hearing Loss Causes and Prevention
   7.  Hearing Aids, Cochlear Implants and Assistive Listening Devices

(Closed Captioned)

Hearing Loss Association of America
Bethesda, Maryland: Hearing Loss Association of America, 2010(?)
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