In other words, my parents denied my opportunity to thrive, find my own identity as a Deaf person, and explore the world of Deaf culture. And to me, that world was unknown as I was shielded from those opportunities. My parents wanted me to succumb to the hearing world, instead of believing that my deafness could prevail or make me a successful woman in life. It was as if being deaf wasn't good enough for them. It's who I am, this is me. As I became older, I longed for companionship. I've been told repeatedly by many that I'd never find the love of my life.

Avril Hertneky


Life After Deaf is the true story of a woman whose life began to unravel after she suddenly went deaf due to a mystery illness. Throughout the book, the reader learns of her courageous battle to learn to live with profound deafness. Imagine trying to raise two children, run a business and be a wife while trying to navigate a new world, one that was completely foreign only days before?

Monique Williamson