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Assistive Technology

Testing and Fitting Hearing Aids on Babies and Young Children with Hearing Loss: An Interview with a Pediatric Audiologist

An interview is conducted with pediatric audiologist Rhonda Condie who shares clear and current information in a question/answer format regarding audiological testing for infants and young children. She presents and discusses several testing techniques including:
Otoacoustic Emissions Testing (OAE)
Auditory Brainstem Response Testing (ABR)
Behavioral Observation Audiometry (BOA)
Visually Reinforced Audiometry (VBA)
Play Audiometry

The interview is concluded with a discussion of technological advances in hearing aids for young children with hearing loss.

Hope Publishing
North Logan, UT : Hope, Inc., 2013, 2004
Hearing Aid Management Skills for Families of Young Children Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing

This video presents information that will help family members of deaf and hard of hearing infants and young children learn some basic hearing aid management skills. Parent advisors describe: the anatomy of the ear, tests given to check levels of hearing, audiograms, functions of the hearing aid, fitting the aid, a daily listening check for the device, establishing full-time usage, care for the aid, and troubleshooting the hearing aid focusing primarily on the problem of acoustic feedback.

Written, directed and produced by the SKI*HI Institute, Department of Communication Disorders
Logan, Utah : Hope Inc., 2013, 1993
When Hearing Fades: Perspectives on Hearing Loss in Later Years

Features four experts in the field of aging and hearing loss discussing the audiological, social, and emotional aspects of late onset hearing loss. The topics covered include audiological factors, communication techniques, assistive devices, coping strategies, the role of the family, the support system, and the role of professionals.

[Washington, D.C.] : Gallaudet University, 2013, [c1987]
The Illustrated Guide to Assistive Technology and Devices: Tools and Gadgets for Living Independently

This new illustrated guide to assistive technologies and devices chronicles the use of AT/AD - technology used by individuals with disabilities to perform functions that might otherwise be difficult or impossible.

This book empowers people to use assistive technologies to overcome some of their physical or mental limitations and have a more equal playing field. It includes real-life examples about how people with disabilities are using assistive technology (AT) to assist them in daily tasks, and discusses emotional issues related to AT/AD.

Suzanne Robitaille
New York: Demos Medical Pub., c2010
Sonic Shaker Portable Vibrating Alarm Clock

The Sonic Alert Sonic Shaker SBP100 travel alarm clock comes complete with batteries, pillow strap with clasp and a protective travel case. You can be awakened by the powerful bed shaker and/or loud pulsating alarm so you won't ever sleep through appointments, work or school.


90dB audible alarm
Powerful vibration
Easy-to-set function keys
Easy-to-read 0.75" display
Standard size batteries included (2 AA; 1 AAA)
Travel case with pillow clasp included
Continuous four minute snooze
Swivel and flush mounted display protects settings
Manually lighted display for up to 50% longer battery life
Dimensions: 3-3/4" diameter

Sonic Alert
Troy, MI : Sonic Alert, [20--]
Hear! Here!: You and Your Hearing Loss; You and Your Hearing Aids

This book contains a number of the author’s newspaper articles pertaining to hearing loss and hearing aids. Part I includes articles on hearing loss such as, “Hear Today. Gone Tomorrow?”, “Hearing Loss Is Sneaky!”, “The Wages of Din Is Deaf!”, “When Your Ears Ring...”, “Get In My Face Before You Speak!”, “How’s That Again?”, “Being Hard of Hearing Is Hard” and “I’m Deaf, Not Daft!” Part II includes articles on hearing aids such as, “You Better Watch Out...”, “Before Buying Your First Hearing Aid...”, “Please Don’t Lock Me Away in Your Drawer”, “Good-bye World of Silence!”, “Becoming Friends with Your Hearing Aids” and “Two’s Better Than One!”.

Neil G. Bauman
Stewartstown, PA : Integrity First Publications, c2011
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