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New Materials

NAD-RID National Interpreter Certification Interview & Performance Practice DVD

This valuable DVD features a practice exam that provides interview and performance vignettes that are representative of the current exam format. The practice DVD also allows NIC candidates another layer of preparation in applying practical analytical and critical thinking skills so the NIC candidate can enter the testing site with a greater sense of comfort and knowledge of the exam flow and timing. The 2nd edition of the NAD-RID NIC Practice DVD gives candidates the opportunity to gauge their progress, put skills into practice, and prepare for exam day.

Alexandria, Va.: National Association of the Deaf: Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, 2013
Learn About Hearing Loss

A series of seven 4-minute captioned videos produced by HLAA and Knowlera Media.  The videos provide accurate information about hearing loss and what can be done about it:
   1.  Hearing Loss Basic Facts
   2.  Hearing Loss Symptoms
   3.  Hearing Loss Diagnosis
   4.  Hearing Loss Treatments
   5.  Living with Hearing Loss
   6.   Hearing Loss Causes and Prevention
   7.  Hearing Aids, Cochlear Implants and Assistive Listening Devices

(Closed Captioned)

Hearing Loss Association of America
Bethesda, Maryland: Hearing Loss Association of America, 2010(?)

The Guide “Enhancing Literacy Instruction Using Signing Time” provides useful information about how teachers and parents can use Signing Time to help children learn to read. The full guide includes the following sections:

  • Components of Effective Literacy Instruction
  • Addressing Learning Styles
  • Enhancing Literacy with Sign Language
  • What is Signing Time?
  • How Can Signing Time Help?
  • Using Signing Time with Different Age Groups
  • Tips for Teachers, Parents and Librarians
  • Sample Lesson Plan: Zoo Animals
  • Success Stories
Virginia Brown; Robin Williams
Salt Lake City, UT: Two Little Hands Productions, 20--?
Educational Interpreting Practice DVD 9: Elementary Level ASL

This DVD will assist interpreters who are seeking to interpret effectively in educational settings.  The format is presented so that interpreters can practice interpretation skills from “spoken English (teacher discourse) to sign language (for students)” and from “sign language (student discourse) to spoken English.”

DVD contains the following:

• Students who are deaf or hard of hearing relating stories about their lives in sign language
• A voiced interpretation of the student signer
• A CD that has a PDF file that contains a complete transcript of the voiced interpretation

Boys Town Press
Boys Town, NE: Boys Town Press, 2012