The Agony of Meniere's Disease: Please! Make My World Stop Spinning

Meniere’s disease is one of the more incapacitating things you can experience. If you suffer from your world spinning and have a fluctuating hearing loss together with noises in your ears, this book is for you. It explains what is known about Meniere’s, its causes and the best treatments available today. There are lots of hints that you can try out for yourself to reduce or eliminate the effects of Meniere’s disease. Since everyone is different, see what works for you.

Neil G. Bauman
Stewartstown, PA : Integrity First Publications, c2011
<a href="*eng"><img src=";client=nash&amp;showCaptionBelow=f" border="0" alt="cover image" style="float: left; margin-right: 5px;"></a>Stewartstown, Pa. : Integrity First Publications, c2011