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Sonic Shaker Portable Vibrating Alarm Clock

Sonic Shaker Portable Vibrating Alarm Clock

The Sonic Alert Sonic Shaker SBP100 travel alarm clock comes complete with batteries, pillow strap with clasp and a protective travel case. You can be awakened by the powerful bed shaker and/or loud pulsating alarm so you won't ever sleep through appointments, work or school.


90dB audible alarm
Powerful vibration
Easy-to-set function keys
Easy-to-read 0.75" display
Standard size batteries included (2 AA; 1 AAA)
Travel case with pillow clasp included
Continuous four minute snooze
Swivel and flush mounted display protects settings
Manually lighted display for up to 50% longer battery life
Dimensions: 3-3/4" diameter

Sonic Alert
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