Mr. Shineyhead's Assorted Stories

This DVD has a variety of stories by Patrick Fischer, a storyteller, actor and teacher, which are meant to entertain and provide receptive practice.  Intended for experienced ASL users and advanced students. The stories in “Mr. Shineyhead’s Travels” also include elements of Deaf Culture. The stories in “Tales in the Dark” have themes that are more sinister, focusing on mystery, sadness and death.  All of the stories include a variety of ASL Classifiers.

Mr. Shineyhead's Travels:

  •   Deaf Dog in the Park
  •   State Fair
  •   Mr Wild Wild West
  •   Gone Fishin'
  •   The Pirate
  •   Me Here!

Tales in the Dark:

  •   The Mountain Lion
  •   Ice Lake
  •   Civil War
  •   Lorelei
  •   The Goblins

Also includes a special ASL translation of the Star-Spangled Banner.

Patrick Fischer
Clinton, Washington: VisualizeASL, 2009
Receptive Practice
Clinton, Wash. : Visualise ASL , 2011