Journey to Mastery: Individualized Interpreting Skills Development Plan

Journey to Mastery is a new, convenient, and cost-effective way for you to enhance your skills while maintaining your hard-earned certification! Great for mentoring, study groups and as a foundational plan of work for classes!

Here’s your personalized interpreter training plan! Simply select the pre-written goals, objectives and instructional activities that are right for you. Combine with your favorite Sign Enhancers’ DVDs for a tailor-made skills program!

When combined with Sign Enhancers' DVDs, a total of 8 CEUs can be earned.  

Jenna Cassell
Eden Prairie, Minn.: Sign Enhancers, c2007
<a href="*eng"><img src=";client=nash&amp;showCaptionBelow=f" border="0" alt="cover image" style="float: left; margin-right: 5px;"></a>[Eden Prairie, Minn.] : Sign Enhancers, c2007