High Five: Fables and Fairy Tales

A follow-up series to the Four for You Fables and Fairy Tales. Each tape has five fables and two fairy tales. Fables are told by one of the cast members and then dramatized by the cast. In addition, two of the fables and one fairy tale are told twice. The first version is the traditional story, the second version is the way the story would have been told if Deaf people had created the story. Twice told tales are indicated by an asterisk (*).
Volume 1:
Fables: The Boys and the Frogs
The Wolf & the Kid*
The Mole & the Mother*
The Eagle & the Jackdaw
Two Goats

Fairy Tales: The Brave Little Tailor
How Six Made Their Way in
the World*
Volume 2:
Fables: The Jackass, Fox & Lion
The Cat & the Old Rat*
The Crab & the Mother
The Cat, Cock, & Mouse
The Wolf & the Goat*

Fairy Tales: Cinderella*
The White Snake

Volume 3:
Fables: Ants & the Grasshopper
The Wolf & House Dog
The Turtle & the Ducks*
The Wolf & the Shepherd*
The Ant & the Dove

Fairy Tales: Wonderful Tar Baby Story
Three Little Gnomes in the
Volume 4:
Fables: The Bundle of Sticks*
The Cat & the Fox
The Peacock & the Crane
The Gnats & the Bull*
Mercury & the Woodsman

Fairy Tales: The Golden Goose*
The Nixie in the Pond

Volume 5:
Fables: The Man & the Lion*
The Owl & Grasshopper
The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
The Miser
The Jackass & the Grasshopper*

Fairy Tales: The Bremen Town Musicians*
The Ugly Duckling

Freda Norman, Mary Beth Miller, Lou Fant and Patrick Graybill
Burtonsville, MD: Sign Media, Inc., 1994, 2012
Children's Program
High Five: Fables and Fairy Tales