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From Rejection to Love: The True Story of a Deaf Woman Who Overcame Abuse and Neglect (2nd Edition)

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In other words, my parents denied my opportunity to thrive, find my own identity as a Deaf person, and explore the world of Deaf culture. And to me, that world was unknown as I was shielded from those opportunities. My parents wanted me to succumb to the hearing world, instead of believing that my deafness could prevail or make me a successful woman in life. It was as if being deaf wasn't good enough for them. It's who I am, this is me. As I became older, I longed for companionship. I've been told repeatedly by many that I'd never find the love of my life. The curse was broken when I got married in 2016, and that love brought me two extraordinary and brilliant children into the world. My name is Avril Hertneky. I was abused/gaslighted/barrier by my parents for 22 years. I decided to write this book for two reasons. Hearing people's audism is real. Deaf people need to tell their own true story to their books about their parents. My goal is to inspire people to speak out and find their identity as a Deaf person. I hope that the hearing community needs to accept the fact that we are deaf and we like this way. I still ccarry resentment of my life to this day. My story starts here.

Avril Hertneky
Hertneky, Avril. From Rejection to Love: The True Story of a Deaf Woman Who Overcame Abuse and Neglect. 2nd edition. United States: [Publisher not identified], 2021. Print.