ASL for Families

This video series, “ASL for Families” is a set of 5 DVDs composed of 37 lessons designed to correspond with and reference the ASL lessons found in the SKI-HI produced Deaf Mentor Curriculum, which is available but not required. Each lesson features an ASL concept, presentation of vocabulary and practice sentences. The tapes are designed to provide instructional support and practice to families as they learn ASL concepts from their Deaf mentor, but can also be used by anyone learning ASL.

Video 1 81 min.
Grammatical and emotive aspects of facial expressions, basic declarative statements, asking yes/no questions, changing statements to questions, asking a wh-question, directional verbs, showing courtesy, showing possession, presence of objects with the verb ‘have’ and the correct usage of ‘no’.

Video 2 78 min.
Qualities and attributes, ASL word order: topic-comment, ASL word order: Noun-adjective, ASL word order: three signs or less, ASL word order: subject-verb object, use of space, referring to persons and places, using pronouns, possessive pronouns, facial expression, showing different meaning using facial expression and sign expression.

Video 3 78 min.
Fingerspelling, loan signs, temporal aspect of ASL, movement of a sign showing the amount of time in an activity, adjective/adverb modulation, use of classifiers, pronomial classifiers, the time line in ASL.

Video 4 55 min.
ASL word order: time indicators, cardinal number system and quantifiers, ordinal number system, unique number system, plurality: how to show more than one.

Video 5 32 min.
Number incorporation, showing past tense in ASL, future tense in ASL, ASL word order: time sequence principle, using conceptually accurate signs.

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ASL for Families

Updated: May 28, 2019