Advanced American Sign Language

Intended for people with a previous knowledge of ASL to take their knowledge of ASL to the next level with this series of advanced American Sign Language training programs.  This series utilizes the skills and techniques of performers and teachers with extensive experience in the deaf community and deaf education.  Each individual program presents a lecture, signed by Angela Stratiy, that focuses on a significant facet of ASL.  The lecture is then followed by several stories signed in ASL by deaf signers chosen to represent a variety of signing styles and regional signs within the deaf community. 

KEY ELEMENTS 1   (75 min)
Key elements of ASL included in this program are: identifying a narrator and characters of a story using body and gaze shift; determining the difference between nouns, verbs, and adjectives using ASL classifiers; and the use of space in ASL to establish a location for a particular referent’s discourse.  

KEY ELEMENTS 2   (98 min)
Key elements of ASL included in this program are: the use of focal expressions to express affect in ASL; the transition markers required to guide the flow of discourse in ASL; the importance of a signer’s entire signing space to identify grammatical structure; and the identification of the topic(s) of discourse. 

KEY ELEMENTS 3    (71 min)
Key elements of ASL included in this program are: identifying the subject and object of a sentence and the inclusion of spatial referencing; clarifying the context of a discourse using fingerspelling; and the elements to consider when signing numbers in American Sign Language.

Angela Stratiy; Donna Korpinisky
San Francisco, CA: Exploration Production Inc., 2004
Learning ASL
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