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Access for All: Integrating Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing Preschoolers

Access for All: Integrating Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing Preschoolers

This DVD presents child care providers, other early childhood educators, and administrators considering an integrated child care setting, exactly what is necessary to integrate a deaf or hard of hearing child into a mainstream child care setting. It is divided into three parts:

1. Info on Deafness (28 min.): Facts about Deaf people, their language and culture; audiological aspects of hearing loss; and use of assistive devices.

2. Interagency Collaboration (20 min.): Components needed to establish and implement formal relationships between local agencies serving Deaf and hard of hearing children and early education programs.

3. Inclusion and Adaptation (23 min.): Environmental modifications needed to make early childhood programs accessible for Deaf and hard of hearing children.

* A book by the same title is also available.

Gail Solit, Maral Taylor, & Angela Bednarczyk
Washington, DC : Gallaudet University, 1992