101 Activities for Teaching ASL

Are you an ASL instructor looking for resources to enhance your students’ experiences in the classroom?

101 Activities for Teaching ASL is designed for ASL students of all ages. The activities reinforce and enhance ASL learning in fun and challenging ways.

Most of the activities involve interacting in small groups of two or more, a powerful way to practice ASL and develop confidence with the language.

The activities have illustrated handouts and are reproducible for the classroom. There is an index allowing instructors to easily choose appropriate activities to support learning in specific areas.

About the Author: Angela Petrone Stratiy, MEd

Angela is a native signer with over 40 years of experience teaching ASL and interpreting. In addition to teaching, she uses her expertise in ASL as a Deaf interpreter, a comedian and a consultant for a variety of educational institutions and organizations.

Angela Stratiy
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: Interpreting Consolidated, 2015
Sign Language Games & Activities