West TN School for the Deaf Family Wellness Festival

This is an in-person event.

Event Date

West Tennessee School for the Deaf
100 Berry Hill Road
Jackon, TN 38302
United States

Contact Name
Tracy Duncan
Email Address
Contact Phone
(865) 320-3754 (Voice, Text)
Event Type
Parent Programs

For families with children enrolled at WTSD only

Collaboratively Sponsored by Teneessee Schools for the Deaf, TN Hands & Voices, Family Voices of TN - PEARS, 0-5 Parent Outreach.

FAmilies coming to WTSD for their child's conference can stop in the common room and learn about Family Wellness.

Wellness Stations include:

Healthy Foods – Healthy You! Healthy Kids!
• Sample, taste, where to find, and how much does it cost?
• Meal preparation time savers
• Meal Menu for the week
• Recipes and recommendations for families on the go

Essential Oils
• Sample, where to find, and how much does it cost?
• What, why, how, when, and where
• Benefits to your wellness

Mindfulness for you and your child
• Observation of self
• Acceptance of self
• Impartial openminded attitude

Breathing, stretching, and relieving stress
• Square breathing techniques for children to use before they blow! Stress reduction for children.
• Counting breathing techniques for adults – relieving stress in a few minutes
• Children’s yoga stretches everyone can enjoy! Stress reduction for children.
• Adult yoga stretches for adults – right in your chair or personal space.

Physical Health check-in
• Conversation with a nurse
• What is good physical health?
• What are some red flags?

Organizational tips to reduce stress
• What do I really need? Prioritizing for each activity
• Organizing and preparation
o Tote bags
o Kids back backs
o Go-Bags for the car / bus
o Calendars, reminders, and keeping the balance in your life
• Making time for my family
• Making time for me

Helpful hints to support homework and learning at home.