Understanding CVI in Children, and Helping Those Affected: With a Focus on Dorsal Stream Sparing and Dysfunction | Presenter: Dr. Gordon Dutton

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The aim of this presentation is to help us understand how the two pathways in the brain, the dorsal and ventral streams, can be disordered by injury or dysfunction and the nature of the outcomes.
First a case in which the occipital lobes and ventral stream have been lost will be described. This will show how the dorsal stream works.

Next, cases in which the dorsal stream is disordered but the ventral stream is intact will be shown to illustrate the origin and nature of the resulting experience.

Dorsal stream dysfunction is the commonest visual disorder in those with cerebral visual impairments. The aim of this talk will be to explain what the dorsal stream does, and to highlight what it is like to live with dorsal stream dysfunction, so that we can all come to better understand and optimally help those affected.

ASL Interpreting, Captioning & Spanish Interpreting provided

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