Tennessee DeafBlind Expo

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John Forbes
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Accessible Programs,
Deaf-Blind Programs,

This first-ever event to be held in Nashville promises to be appreciated by all attendees especially the DeafBlind and their families; as well as the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind, and the General Public. The TODB has already acquired about 23 technology vendors and Human Services agencies to display and answer questions. Expect interesting speakers.

Come and connect with other DeafBlind individuals. The Deaf-Blind Community recognizes the that there is a time, place for technology, a time and place to put it down and connect through the power of touch. In a world so focused on the digital, sometimes we can forget about the tactile, the tangible. Everyone can learn from the Deaf-Blind Community, and build relationships that are grounded in reality - because "The Best Connection Will Always be the Human Connection"l (Quote from HKNC Newsletter)

Checkout the latest Technology, received Human Services and connect with your peers. This DeafBlind Technology & Awareness Expo promises to be educational, life affirming and FUN!

In 1985, President Reagan signed a Joint Resolution to dedicate a celebration of DeafBlind Awareness Week (DBAW) to be held yearly the last week in June. For this reason, TODB planned this event to commemorate Helen Keller & the DBAW.