Semantics of Fingerspelling in ASL

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Most people think of fingerspelling in ASL to mean stringing letters together, as simple as A-B-C. But what many don't realize is that fingerspelling in ASL has a semantical structure, grammar, and rules. There actually are "rights and wrongs" when it comes to fingerspelling, knowledge that will benefit any interpreter in their work. The main objective of this workshop is to examine the meaning of signed expressions by exploring parts of speech in-depth, subsequently leading to the understanding that fingerspelling has a role in expressing correct ASL grammar. 

Gary E. Mowl is the presenter for this workshop. 

The cost for this workshop is $70.00.The fee to earn .7 CEUs from RID is $5.00. Pre-registration is strongly advised to guarantee admittance and participation. Log on to the ThinkASL website at and follow the workshop links. ThinkASL accepts payment through PayPal.