Person Centered Planning: Opening Windows for Vocational Opportunities for Children and Adults with Deafblindness and/or Significant Cognitive Disabilities - Part 2

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TIME:  2:30-4pm EASTERN time / 1:30-3pm CENTRAL time

SE DeafBlind Webinar Series!

ASL Interpreters Provided

PRESENTERS:  Andrea Blackwood, Rowena Barker, AND Debra Pickens

Achieving transition success using a customized employment approach and intentional communication strategies will be examined through a personal journey of one learner with deafblindness and additional disabilities. Participants will learn about the importance of communication and collaboration to help build the transition toolbox for vocational opportunities. Person Centered Planning proved to be the cornerstone for this learner with deafblindness and additional disabilities as it paved the way for a revealing and fruitful encounter for the learner and his team at the Deaf-Blind Immersion Experience (DBIE) at the Helen Keller National Center (HKNC) in NY. Following that visit, the team returned to North Carolina and implemented several innovative strategies along with some key individualized elements that resulted in improved potential for vocational opportunities for the learner.

Webinar Host:  Robert

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