National Cued Speech Association April Board Meeting

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All interested parties who wish to attend NCSA's April Board Meeting! 

TIME: 10 am - 1 pm (EDT(; 9 am - 12pm (CDT)


This is will be an opportunity for members of the public to learn more about the exciting projects the NCSA Board is working on. The Board will follow a tightly scheduled Agenda so attendees will not be able to actively participate (outside of Chat) for the majority of the meeting, but there will be an opportunity for non-Board members to speak directly to the Board about any issues or projects at the end of the meeting.

A Zoom link and Agenda, along with additional instructions, will be emailed a day or two in advance of the meeting. The meeting will be conducted in spoken and cued English with Live Transcript enabled. If you have any questions or requests for reasonable accommodations, please contact the Secretary at

* Required

Time (EST)     Agenda Item

10:00                 Welcome/Call to Order

10:05                 Approval of Minutes from January 2021 meeting (5 m)

10:10                 Reports & Q&A

                            Executive Committee; Esther Rimer (15 m)

                            Budget Q&A; Suhad Keblawi (5 m)

                            Finance; Nicole Dugan (15 m)

                            Spring Fundraising Campaign; Rachel McAnallen (15 m)

                            Legislative Update; Ben Lachman (15 m)

                            Scholarships; Sara Sizemore (15 m)

                            Other Reports and Q&A (15 m)

11:45                 Unfinished Business

                            Upcoming meeting dates:

                            --New Orleans-- In person or Online? (10 m)

                            --Summer Meetings (15 m)

12:10                 New Business

                            Camps Reimbursement Request (15 m)

                            Community Outreach Update (15 m)

12:40                 Open floor (20 m)

1:00                   Adjourn