Jackson - Family Learning Day

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Kristy Murdock
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The 4 E's of Raising a Deaf or Hard of Hearing Child: Expose, Educate, Embrace, and Elevate

Families will learn about different concepts and how they tie into how families can elevate their deaf or hard of hearing child’s language.

We know that the earlier families expose themselves to what is out there to support their deaf or hard of hearing child’s language growth and success, the less risks of language deprivation that child has. It is also critical that families are exposed to what myths are out there about deaf and hard of hearing children and language.

After families acquire this knowledge, they need to be directed to evidence-based practices. With an understanding of the evidence, they can critically analyze the research studies and then educate themselves on how to advocate for their deaf or hard of hearing child to ensure the education their child receives is the best possible option.

Families need to ensure the educational planning their deaf or hard of hearing child receives is exemplary. Through their parenting journey, families will embrace their deaf or hard of hearing child’s identity by connecting with other deaf or hard of hearing adults to learn and understand what their child may grow up to be and how language is a factor in self-identity and development.

During the workshop, these messages will be expanded on by including evidence-based Clerc Center resources that will support the families’ affirmation in elevating their deaf or hard of hearing child’s language. There will be opportunities for families to write down their thoughts on what they can do to ensure they have all the E’s to elevate their deaf or hard of hearing child’s language.

The first TEN Memphis families with children identified with hearing concerns are eligible for:

• No Registration Fee: All families driving from the Memphis-Area to Jackson will NOT PAY the registration fee.

• Gas Cards Available: a limited number of families will be given $25.00 gas cards. They must pick up the cards in person at the Jackson event.

• Write GAS CARD on the registration form or they can send an email to Brenda Lindsay (b.lindsay@tsdeaf.org) saying they want a gas card.

• Families will need to register immediately to attend the WTSD Family Learning Day in Jackson.

*Due to the cancellation of the Memphis Family Learning Day (July 13) TSD Parent Outreach is providing an alternative.