Consumer, Family and Community Advocacy Seminar

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The Consumer, Family, and Community Advocacy Seminar (CFCA) is for deaf and hard of hearing consumers and parents of deaf and hard of hearing children interested in improving the quality of life for themselves and/or their families through advocacy. Your instructor will facilitate hands-on activities and presentations targeting, developing and improving participants' advocacy knowledge and skills. Participants will receive practical inside strategies on how to increase the impact of their advocacy efforts, along with a road map to guide their involvement as advocates in individual and community issues. Program materials will also include carefully selected readings on a wide range of advocacy issues.

Course Number: PST 615-01
Credits: 3
Tuition: $690 - financial assistance may be available. Contact:
Facilitator: Kevin Nolan
Registration deadline: June 3, 2013
For more information or to register: Visit, click on "On-campus courses" and then "Consumer, Family, and Community Advocacy."