""ASL Semantics: Precision of Expression in ASL"

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Presented by Trix Bruce!

Semantics is defined as the study of meanings expressed by the elements of a language or a combination of the elements. A concept expressed in an ASL sign often cannot be conveyed by a single all-purpose English word. Likewise, English words and phrases may have variations in meaning, which require translations using different ASL signs. This workshop helps the student advance skills in translating the languages of ASL and English. (Demonstration of Semantics: RUN) (0.4 RID CEUs)

REGISTRATION FEE:Friday Evening Workshop Only:
$45 per participant/per workshop, postmarked by September 30, 2013
$55 per participant, at the door

Both Workshops:
$120 per participant, postmarked by September 20, 2013
$135 per participant, at the door

See attached flyer for registration details and additional information!

October 26, 2013:
"Face-Painting" with Non Manual Signals in ASL - Info available on LSDHH website on October 26, 2013

Only 25 seats available - Don't Delay!