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This early intervention program is designed to provide language from day one, making communication and family bonding easier and stronger. 

Baby ACE & Me is open to families with children ages birth to three where the parent and/or child is Deaf/deaf.  

Each weekly session includes a parent/child interactive exercise, an educational component, and opportunities for parents to build friendships, creating systems of informal support.  Helpful resources and toys are made available to families during the course of each Baby ACE & Me session.

Classes are offered free of charge. 

Please note, registration is mandatory as space is limited



Children, teens and adults who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, their families, and professionals who support us are welcome to join us at Shelby Farms Park, Pine Lake Drive (Pavilion #2) - near Woodland Discovery Playground and Lake.  We will grill hot dogs, connect with each other, and enjoy the lake.

This event is FREE and sponsored by:  East Memphis, Quota International; PEARS; Deaf Family Literacy Mid-South; Family Voices of Tennessee; DeafConnect of the Mid-South, Inc.; and the Tennessee Dept. of Health.


A workshop for parents, family and caretakers of children identified with hearing loss.


Taught by audiologists, physicians, speech-language pathologists, teachers of the deaf, and a special parent panel.

• Hearing loss in children
• Language development in children with hearing loss
• Emotional needs of family and children when someone has a hearing loss
• How to teach others, like daycare providers, about your child’s hearing loss

To register, email Kate Carney at with the names of the attendees (including children) and the ages of any children who will need child care

Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center
Medical Center East, South Tower
Room 8380
1215 21st Avenue South
Nashville, Tennessee 37232

Childcare provided in the Mama Lere Hearing School in the same building


Taught by audiologists, physicians, speech-language pathologists, teachers of the deaf, and a special parent panel.


  •  Hearing loss in children
  •  Language development in children with hearing loss
  •  Emotional needs of family and children when someone has a hearing loss
  •  How to teach others, like daycare providers, about your child’s hearing loss

Childcare provided in the Mama Lere Hearing School (in the same building) - RSVP required!


The class will be held in the front conference room.


This workshop is designed to enable participants to understand and fully participate in the IEP Team process. Participants will learn:

• The types of services that can be provided through “special education” services.
• The information on the Individual Education Program (IEP) document and where it goes.
• How to express parent concerns and ensure they are addressed by the IEP team.
• Understand the process to set and write Measurable Annual Goals.
• Strategies to prepare for effective participation in IEP meetings for their children and youth with disabilities.

Sponsored by: East TN Children’s Hospital Rehab Center

Registration is required for this FREE workshop and space is limited, so call as soon as possible.

To register call: Tracy Bock at 865-690-8961, ext. 2225 or via email at


This workshop is designed for professionals and parents of children in special education or that might need special education. Come and gain a working knowledge of special education laws, including your role in the development of an appropriate education program (IEP) and how to be an effective partner with the school team in the process.

 Eligibility
 Evaluations
 Team Members
 Time Lines
 IEP Development
 Related Services
 Preparing for an IEP Meeting

Sponsored by: East TN Children’s Hospital Rehab Center

Registration is required for this FREE workshop and space is limited, so call as soon as possible.

To register call: Tracy Bock at 865-690-8961, ext. 2225 or via email at


Read with Me/Sign with me starts at 11:00 a.m. at the main library (3030 Poplar Avenue, Memphis) in the children's section.
This is a FREE event so bring the whole family regardless of age or hearing level!

Here is what we'll do and learn:
1. We will learn about negative numbers and make our own gages.
2. We will learn about negation in both English and ASL- great for older children!
3. We will learn about managing negative behaviors (ours and our children's) and try out some techniques.
4. We will have a SPECIAL guest! Leah Williamson of P.E.A.R.S. will inform us about resources for our d/hh children and give us her wisdom as the parent of a d/hh teenager.


Featuring Dr. Jan van Dijk

Registration Fee: $50.00. Lunch will be on your own.

Families with a child on the TNDB Census may attend free of charge. A limited number of hotel rooms are available at no cost to families.

Dr. Jan van Dijk is internationally renown in the field of DeafBlindness, pioneering the assessment and teaching processes for children with dual sensory loss and other disabilities.

Since 1958, the "Grandfather of DeafBlindness" and "Father of Coactive Movement Strategies" has helped families and professionals better understand and serve children with complex needs, autism, and behavior disorders through child-guided assessments, communication, anticipation cues, and calendar systems.

Parents, caregivers, and professionals will explore the van Dijk approach to assessment, which focuses on the student and follows his/her lead. Learn about brain research and understand the relationship between cortical functions such as language, concept formation, and emotions. Dr. Jan van Dijk will also address the importance of how meaningful assessment guides intervention.

To learn more about Dr. van Dijk, visit his website.

TNDB is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs, Grant H326T130030.


An opportunity to learn about the SKI*HI Deaf Mentor Program at the 2016 Statewide Workshop for Teachers, Parents, and Other Professionals Serving Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

Deaf Mentor Program: Overview & History, Research & Benefits, Home Visit Scenes, Deaf Mentor in Action in the Home and Community, Simulation Experience, Implementation, Panel of Deaf Adults

Presenter: Jodee S.Crace, M.A., Indiana

Audience: Families with children D/HH DB, Deaf Adults, Professionals, and community members. Participants will stay with the Parent Track rather than alternate between afternoon options.

Program Description: The Deaf Mentor Program assists families and agencies in implementing bilingual/bicultural home-based programming for young children who are deaf. Children of hearing parents who receive the SKI-HI Model are typically exposed to an English-only approach (signed or spoken English) and to the hearing culture of their parents, family members, and parent advisor. The Deaf Mentor approach provides the family the choice of also using a Deaf Mentor (deaf adult) who makes regular visits to the home, interacts with the child using American Sign Language (ASL), shows family members how to use ASL, and helps the family understand and appreciate deafness and Deaf Culture. Meanwhile, the family continues to receive Parent-Infant Program services. This enables the child to learn both ASL and English and to be exposed to a bicultural environment of both "hearing" and "deaf" cultures.

For a more in-depth description:

Scholarships available for families. Contact:

SERTOMA Club of Nashville provided funding to bring a National Trainer / Presenter to this conference.