This webinar is limited to Tennessee K-12 interpreters. Deadline to register is June 10th. Payments will be accepted by check only and due by June 15th. Please address the check to Tennessee School for the Deaf, on the envelope attn: Interpreter Institue and mail to 2725 Island Home Blvd., Knoxville, TN 37920. 

Registration Fee:  $30 (Click on link below for Registration Form)

CEU's - Up to 1.5 RID CEUs - PENDING

June 22: Evening Virtual Social (1 hour)

June 23: Tenses in ASL in the morning, and Factoring ASL Features in the EIPA in the afternoon

June 24: 1.5 hour workshops will be offered 3 times throughout the day on a variety of topics:

  • ASL Conjunctions and 7 ASL Sentence Types
  • Interpreting for Students Who are Deaf with Disabilities- Overcoming Barriers
  • Interpreting for Standardized Testing (Paper and Online)
  • Medical Aspects of Deafness and Technology
  • Acting Meets Interpreting

This Saturday workshop will give Deaf and hearing interpreters tools on how to team together, with a special emphasis on Mental Health and Legal settings.

The registration deadline is June 1. To register for this workshop, please select the button below. For more information, please contact Amy Lankheit at or by voice phone at (615) 248-8828.


Terra Benton will teaching two valuable workshops on March 14th.

9am-12pm - Teaming: Practical Applications

1pm-4pm - Voicing: Let's Do this

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Team Interpreting is a skill. Not only do team members have to have interpersonal skills they also need to be aware of commonly used techniques and practices. When a team Interpreter strays from these industry standards it causes tension and stress between team members and compromises the integrity of the interpreted message. In this activity current teaming strategies, interpersonal skills, and self-disclosure will be discussed as well as the results of a national teaming survey.

CEUs on the Go! is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for Continuing Education Activities. This professional studies program is offered for 0.3 PS CEUs at the Little/None Content Knowledge Level."

Terra Benton, a native of Tennessee, received her Bachelor’s Degree in Interpreting from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville in 1999 and her Master’s Degree in Interpreting from the University of North Florida in 2010. She began her professional career in eastern North Carolina. In 2000, she received her national certification from the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. As an interpreter who keeps abreast of the changes in the field, Terra has professional experience in numerous arenas including mentoring, VRS, VRI, post-secondary education, K-12, mental health, substance abuse, medical, and much more. In addition to her interpreting work, she was honored to be an adjunct instructor at East Carolina University. Also while in North Carolina, she was active in Eastern NCRID serving in multiple roles; from Board of Directors positions to the Newsletter Editor. During her time with the organization, Terra received two awards: the Wilson Regional Resource Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing 2004 Interpreter of the Year and a NCRID Special Recognition Award for Service.

In 2006, Terra moved to the greater Tampa Bay area and dove right in to the Interpreting community. In 2007, she received the Tampa Sorenson Interpreter of the Year award. She continued to work in the classroom as an adjunct instructor for the University of South Florida, teaching ASL and Interpreting courses as well as mentoring students.

She currently resides, with her family, in her home state of Tennessee, where she works as a private practitioner.


The meeting will be held in the library Conference Center - Room 1.

The format for this meeting is not set at this time.  However, feedback from the DRAFT law will be discussed.

To view copies of the DRAFT law in English and ASL, please go the the links on the TRID website  OR the Library Services for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing website.  Stakeholder feedback is being solicited until November 10th.


*This free webinar is only available to currently employed Tennessee K-12 Educational Interpreters

TIME:  4:30-8:00pm CST/ 5:30-9:00pm EST

Deadline to register:   April 17th
Registration Information:

DCMP is an approved RID CMP Sponsor for Continuing Education Activities. This Professional Studies program is offered for 0.325 CEUs at the “some” Content Knowledge Level.


It’s time to get together and get to know your community! Come and join us for a night full of free tacos, tea and laughs. This is a great opportunity for the vets to introduce themselves to our new members and share stories. If you are new to the area or to the profession, this is a great time to show your face and find the support that TRID is so great at providing.

Hope to see you all there!


Wanting to take the EIPA? Jodi Upton is a proctor and an incredible workshop presenter. Check out this amazing workshop!

This performance is part of "Deaf Night at the Theatre" and will be Sign Interpreted. Assistive Listening Devices are always available for use. A moving and riveting story from one of our country’s greatest writers. The air by the river. The song of the red bird. The feel of soil in her fingers! Widow Carrie Watts yearns to return to the small Gulf Coast town of Bountiful, where she grew up and raised her family. When she slips away with her latest pension check, the results are both heartbreaking and life-affirming. Starring our very own Carol Mayo Jenkins

Cost: $55 for 0.55 CEUs
     Cancellation Prior to August 1 - Full Refund
     Cancellation August 1 - September 7 - 50% Refund
     Cancellation after September 7 - No Refund

Contact Amy at the email above to Register by September 7, 2019

A person with language deprivation will typically struggle with concepts of time, story sequencing/developing a coherent narrative, a sense of self, cause-and-effect/the concept of why?, expereinces of powerlessness/confustion, rigid modes of behavior, ability to learn from mistakes (use of generalizations), lacks awareness of others' need for context, lacks theory of mind (understanding others' perspectives), lack of understanding of limits to others' ability to figure out the message, abstract concepts, difficulty learning, emotional regulation, acting out of emotions/feelings, struggles in relationships, can lead to victimization or victimizing, competency to stand trial, reduced fund of information, etc.

The target audience for this workshop is service providers who specialize in some aspect of Deaf mental health (therapists, rehabilitation counselors and specialists, direct care staff, substance abuse providers, teachers, and education staff, interpreters, etc. The presenter will discuss various aspects of working with individuals who are Deaf or hard of hearing impacted by language deprivation. This course will include a discussion of barriers that Deaf/hard of hearing individuals face, unique characteristics of the population, best practice approaches, and cultural and linguistic differences that are part of the developmental process for Deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

About the Presenter

Melissa L. Anderson is a psychologist and clinical researcher in the implementation Science & Practice Advances Research Center (iSPARC), Department of Psychiatry, UMass Medical School. She completed her graduate work at Gallaudet University, where she studied intimate partner violence and trauma in the Deaf community. At UMass, Melissa offers outpatient therapy to Deaf clients recovering from trauma, addiction, and comorbid disorders; provides psychological evaluation and treatment on a Deaf inpatient psychiatric service; and conducts eommunity-engaged research on best approaches for working with Deaf clients. Supported by funding from the National Institutes of Health, she and a team of Deaf and hearing clinicians, filmmakers, actors, artists, and community members are currently developing and testing a digital American Sign Language therapy manual for treating trauma and addiction.