Come meet up with other interpreters in the area - laugh, drink & be merry!  Significant others welcome!


Who Should Attend?  Teachers, parents and other professionals working with deaf and hard of hearing students.

Registration:  Please complete the registration and return the form provided by November 1, 2016.

Fees: $35.00
*Scholarships available for Parents of a Deaf Child

Continental Breakfast & Lunch are included in the registration fee.
(Vegetarian lunches and Gluten free lunches are available)


This workshop will address the very heart of interpreting: Meaning. How do we manage the finer shades of meaning, address subtleties found in language and express the unspoken? As interpreters, we determine meaning through a combination of factors such as context, intonation, intent, setting, and other linguistic features. To accurately interpret we must look past the individual words to determine the intended meaning of the speaker.


Bursting with imagination, this exuberant whistle-stop tour through Verne is a trip worth making.

The intrepid Phileas Fogg with his loyal valet, Passepartout, voyage from Victorian London through the Indian subcontinent, to Asia and across the Pacific to America on a wager that he will return in precisely 80 days. Literally, a theatrical tour-de-force.

This production may employ the use of theatrical haze and/or fog. Interpreting available. 


Free workshops provided at DeafConnect for those seeking to improve interpreting skills, for both certified and not-yet certified, that are interactive, informative, and fun!

These workshops are not interpreted, as they are designed to improve ASL skills. We invite the Deaf, Deaf-Blind, and Hard of Hearing community to come and share their experiences and offer feedback to help us improve our skills!


Join Visual Communication Interpreting for another Deaf Karaoke Night. MC's for the night: Monica Shimmin and Lavona Collins.

The Theme: