We have planned an exciting evening with music by Nick Black, fabulous food from some of our area’s most outstanding restaurants, casino games, an online silent auction, and amazing live auction items!  After this long period of socially distanced, virtual fundraisers, don’t miss your chance to escape to the “Roaring 20’s”!  Every dollar raised will help the students at MOSD learn to listen and talk.  


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SayWhatClub is committed to providing a forum for the hard-of-hearing, deafened, and those otherwise concerned with hearing loss. We are dedicated to maintaining an environment promoting hope, self-worth, knowledge, and growth with consideration for individuals and the SWC community.



EARS Consortium is Back!


RSVP:  earsofmiddletn@gmail.com to get your Zoom link!

What experience have you had with communication in an emergency? We want to know! Tell us about any emergency that has to do with:

  • Fire
  • Ambulance
  • Police
  • Weather

There is a 3-minute limit to share your experience

Interpreters will be provided


Presented by: Marianne Huish, M.Ed.

Learning Objectives:

Supporting Children in Extra-Curricular Activities is intended to support parents and caregivers of children who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing as they engage in extra-curricular activities…

· What does the environment look like (is it a dance studio? A soccer field?)

· What are common vocabulary words used in the activity (e.g. soccer: kleets, soccer ball, net, goal, positions of team members) and how can I help preteach important words and terms to my child?


Virtual Presentation with Lily Slavin

Doctoral Student at CMU with the CHARGE Syndrome Research Lab


Presented by:

Jeanette Smoot, MS, CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVEd, and Sharon Fairbourn, MA, CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVEd

Learning Objectives: