Statewide Outreach Workshop for Families, Professionals, and Community Members

The Importance of Family Involvement

Keynote Speaker: JoAnn Bennfield, Director

Gallaudet University Resource Center - South


Tennessee Schools for the Deaf - Nashville / Tennessee School for the Blind campus
115 Stewarts Ferry Pike
Nashville, TN 37211


Saturday, November 9, 2019  - 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


8:00 – 10:00 – Onsite Registration
9:00 – 10:00 – TSDN Open House – Kim Baggett – light refreshments
10:00 – 11:00 – TSD’s Bilingual Education (approach / philosophy)
11:00 – 12:30 – TSD Bilingual –  ASL & English  – JoAnn Benfield – Importance of Family Involvement
12:30 – 1:15 – Reception – light refreshments / bring your own lunch
12:30 – 1:00 - 2020 Statewide Workshop – Stakeholders meeting (Board Room)
1:30 – 2:30 – Breakout sessions:

  • TN Hands & Voices – Parents / Professionals
  • Vanderbilt Deaf Ed. – Dana Kann – IEPs for families
  • Vanderbilt – Mama Lere Hearing School – Listening Spoken Language
  • TN Deaf-Blind Project – Danna Conn

There is no child care.


This annual workshop provides in-service training programs for teachers and K-12 interpreters and informational sessions for parents.  Related exhibits, a continental breakfast and box lunches are included in the registration fee. Interpreters and CART are available upon request.  More information will be posted as it becomes available.  


Description: This workshop is to be presented in two parts. In the first session, the presenter will identify tenants of the CPC. Afterwards, attendees will use the tenants to work through a variety of ethically ambiguous (sticky) situations. In the second portion, members of the Deaf community will be present on a panel to discuss these same situations from their perspective. This will allow attendees to gain a unique perspective from the community, and allow us to work together to solve these issues.

The Presenter: Beth graduated from Maryville College with a bachelor’s degree in Interpreting and in American Sign Language/Deaf Studies in 2005. She worked as a staff interpreter at Texas State Technical College for two years before moving to Nashville in 2007. Beth then served as a staff interpreter at Bridges, and also worked as a freelancer in the community. She is now back with Bridges as a staff interpreter. Beth is a mentor for aspiring interpreters in the community and serves on the Tennessee Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf board as its secretary.

The Panel:
Mike Helms- Mike was born and raised in Tennessee. He graduated with a double major in Accounting and Organizational Communications from Lipscomb University in 1999. Mike has worked in the retail business for over thirteen years. He has been involved with Bridges since 1995. He served as a board member from 1997 to 2008, and as treasurer of Bridges’s board of directors in 2005. He is currently the Director of Programs and Outreach at Bridges.

Sylvya Boyd- Sylvya was born in Montebello, California near Los Angeles and is profoundly Deaf. She went to 3 different Deaf residential schools (Riverside, CA, Frederick, MD and Tucson, AZ). She graduated from Gallaudet University majoring in Sociology-Social Work in 1974. Sylvya is now married and has 4 children and currently teaches ASL 4 classes at Western Kentucky University.

Amy Stockard- Amy is a social worker for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She received her BSW from Lipscomb University and her MSSW from the University of TN. Amy has been married to her husband, Jon, for 21 years and they have a daughter, Katherine, who is 19 and a son, Riley, who is 13. Amy is also an avid environmentalist and loves traveling and having bonfires with her family and friends.

Language: Spoken English during interpreter discussion, ASL for the panel.

Cost: $30

If you require reasonable accommodations to participate in this workshop, please submit your requests in writing no later than two weeks prior to the workshop date along with your registration materials. Bridges cannot guarantee requests received with fewer than two weeks notice can be filled.

.35 hours of RID professional development hours are available for session.


SE DeafBlind Webinar Series
ASL Interpreters Provided/Spoken Spanish Interpreters Provided

TIME:  1:30PM CST; 2:30PM EST

It is said that central auditory processing disorder(CAPD) is to hearing what CVI is to vision—the ears may be functioning but sound is not reaching the brain in a way that is meaningful. Many of the risk factors for CVI and CAPD are the same, therefore some children with multiple disabilities who are diagnosed with CVI may also have CAPD. Unfortunately, CAPD cannot be diagnosed in young children and CAPD assessments in older children require language acquisition. This training will provide strategies that support students with CAPD but have also been proven effective for all students.

PRESENTER:  Maurice Belote - Central auditory Processing Disorder

Please Register by NOON EASTERN day of Presentation 



This is a national conference that brings in some of the best speakers in the nation to speak about what it means for interpreters to have "Permission to Reframe Success."  Presenters include Anna Witter-Merithew, Dennis Cokely, Stephanie Feyne, Davy Coyne, Shane Feldman, Debra Russell and Betty Colonomos.  

GaRID is an approved RID CMP Sponsor for Continuing Education Activities. Earn up to 1.6 Professional and General Studies CEUs at the Little/None and Some Content Knowledge levels.

The official language of StreetLeverage – Live is American Sign Language (ASL).  To that end, all program sessions and activities at StreetLeverage – Live | Atlanta will be delivered in ASL.  No English interpretation will be provided.

Please email Brandon Arthur to inquire about special accommodation policies.


This fitness class is open to the Deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing individuals in the Deaf community. Our Strength and Conditioning class is designed to build muscular endurance, using cardio and core strength exercises to build muscle & definition.

Class will meet from 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. in the Fitness Center. For more information, please contact Tracy at


This webinar is limited to Tennessee K-12 interpreters. Deadline to register is June 10th. Payments will be accepted by check only and due by June 15th. Please address the check to Tennessee School for the Deaf, on the envelope attn: Interpreter Institue and mail to 2725 Island Home Blvd., Knoxville, TN 37920. 

Registration Fee:  $30 (Click on link below for Registration Form)

CEU's - Up to 1.5 RID CEUs - PENDING

June 22: Evening Virtual Social (1 hour)

June 23: Tenses in ASL in the morning, and Factoring ASL Features in the EIPA in the afternoon

June 24: 1.5 hour workshops will be offered 3 times throughout the day on a variety of topics:

  • ASL Conjunctions and 7 ASL Sentence Types
  • Interpreting for Students Who are Deaf with Disabilities- Overcoming Barriers
  • Interpreting for Standardized Testing (Paper and Online)
  • Medical Aspects of Deafness and Technology
  • Acting Meets Interpreting

We would like to invite all families of school-aged children to attend our free TN Hands & Voices Support for Navigating the 20-21 School Year Zoom video meeting on Thursday, August 13, 2020 at 7:00 pm CST/ 8:00 pm EST.

Please email Kodi Ogle for access needs, to register, or for questions at We look forward to “seeing” you!


SE DeafBlind Webinar Series
ASL Interpreters Provided/Spoken Spanish Interpreters Provided

TIME:  1:30PM CST; 2:30PM EST

PRESENTER:    Tim Hartshorne

1. It’s just a kid. There will be behavior
2. Making sense out of the weirdness
3. Coping with the big three: pain, sensory issues, anxiety
4. Building self-regulation
5. Discipline without tears

Please Register by NOON EASTERN day of Presentation


SE DeafBlind Webinar Series
Tuesdays and Thursdays
(ASL Interpreting, Captioning & Spanish Interpreting Provided)
Sponsored by the Southeast State DeafBlind Projects

TIME:  1:30PM CST; 2:30PM EST

Children with combined vision and hearing loss learn best when their world is predictable and communication is fully supported. Home and classroom routines that occur each day, in the same way, and using the same materials help build anticipation, understanding, and communication/language development. Whether it’s waking in the morning, sitting down to have a meal, arrival at school, or engagement in classroom activities, these events instill a feeling of comfort for the child, and provide predictable sensory input (visual, auditory, tactile). However, consistent use of targeted intervention approaches is often challenging due to demands on caregiver time at home, staffing issues in classrooms, limited collaboration, and atypical patterns of children’s communication and learning styles. This presentation will provide a consultation framework for collaborating with families and educational teams to encourage and support consistent routines and interventions.

PRESENTER:  Tracy Luiselli, Ed.D., Director, New England Consortium on Deafblindness

Please Register by NOON EASTERN day of Presentation