SE DeafBlind Webinar Series
Tuesdays and Thursdays
(ASL Interpreting, Captioning & Spanish Interpreting Provided)
Sponsored by the Southeast State DeafBlind Projects

TIME:  1:30PM CST; 2:30PM EST

All young children thrive when their learning environments invite and reinforce self-discovery. The session will highlight stages of play and strategies specific to very young children with deaf-blindness to support self-initiated learning through each stage.

PRESENTER:  Tanni Anthony, Ph.D Director, Access, Learning and Literacy

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Our usual virtual HLAA Chapter Meeting will take place using Zoom.  This is an online application that will allow us to see and talk with each other in a group.  You can use Zoom on your computer, laptop, or Smart Phone.

Our online meeting will start exactly at 1:30 pm (Central Time) but we advise all of you to join online around 1:15 pm to help you get set up earlier so that you are not experiencing technical issues.  As usual, we'll be offering our monthly drawings with prizes where 3 winners will be announced! To register for the monthly drawings, all you have to do is click on the Zoom link below and you will automatically be registered.

Please see information below to join our virtual Zoom Meeting next Saturday as you must all register in advance. We will follow up next week as a reminder:  

We are happy to have Dr. Rebecca Grome, Primary Audiologist and Owner of Ears 4 U Hearing Services in Nashville, TN, joining us as guest speaker. Her topic will be "Nontraditional Audiometric Assessment, OTC Hearing Aids and New TV/Telephone Accessories Compatible with Hearing Aids

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After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Please try to join meeting between 1:15-1:2Spm so that others can have ample time setting up ZOOM before meeting will begin at 1:30pm.

CART and Interpreting will be provided! CART is available on a separate device per the link below:

Looking forward to seeing all of you!


Presented by Trix Bruce!

Semantics is defined as the study of meanings expressed by the elements of a language or a combination of the elements. A concept expressed in an ASL sign often cannot be conveyed by a single all-purpose English word. Likewise, English words and phrases may have variations in meaning, which require translations using different ASL signs. This workshop helps the student advance skills in translating the languages of ASL and English. (Demonstration of Semantics: RUN) (0.4 RID CEUs)

Friday Evening Workshop Only:
$45 per participant/per workshop, postmarked by September 30, 2013
$55 per participant, at the door

Both Workshops:
$120 per participant, postmarked by September 20, 2013
$135 per participant, at the door

See attached flyer for registration details and additional information!

October 26, 2013:
"Face-Painting" with Non Manual Signals in ASL - Info available on LSDHH website on October 26, 2013

Only 25 seats available - Don't Delay!


An opportunity to learn about the SKI*HI Deaf Mentor Program at the 2016 Statewide Workshop for Teachers, Parents, and Other Professionals Serving Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

Deaf Mentor Program: Overview & History, Research & Benefits, Home Visit Scenes, Deaf Mentor in Action in the Home and Community, Simulation Experience, Implementation, Panel of Deaf Adults

Presenter: Jodee S.Crace, M.A., Indiana

Audience: Families with children D/HH DB, Deaf Adults, Professionals, and community members. Participants will stay with the Parent Track rather than alternate between afternoon options.

Program Description: The Deaf Mentor Program assists families and agencies in implementing bilingual/bicultural home-based programming for young children who are deaf. Children of hearing parents who receive the SKI-HI Model are typically exposed to an English-only approach (signed or spoken English) and to the hearing culture of their parents, family members, and parent advisor. The Deaf Mentor approach provides the family the choice of also using a Deaf Mentor (deaf adult) who makes regular visits to the home, interacts with the child using American Sign Language (ASL), shows family members how to use ASL, and helps the family understand and appreciate deafness and Deaf Culture. Meanwhile, the family continues to receive Parent-Infant Program services. This enables the child to learn both ASL and English and to be exposed to a bicultural environment of both "hearing" and "deaf" cultures.

For a more in-depth description:

Scholarships available for families. Contact:

SERTOMA Club of Nashville provided funding to bring a National Trainer / Presenter to this conference.


A & E is a cable television station.  This programs willl be broadcast at 7:00PM (CDT) and 8:00PM (EDT).

This new documentary special follows three predominantly deaf families as they raise their children in a hearing world. With many differing opinions about how deaf children should be raised swirling in the social consciousness, these families work to forge their own paths forward and combat the daily social stigmas many deaf people face. Executive Producer:  Marlee Matlin, Academy Award winner.

Watch a Preview:


$30 Payment is accepted through PayPal or by check to ASL Links PO Box 16072 High Point, NC 27261. You must pay in advance to reserve your spot.  Thanks!

Participants will leave with an enriched understanding of habit loops, examining biases, and self-awareness within their work. Have a better definition of the meanings of deliberate practice and reflective practice. Participants will gain new tools and strategies that can be incorporated within their daily work as interpreters. These strategies can include purposeful journaling, mentoring, and tracking data.

Spend the morning in your PJ’s and join us in explore information related to your work and hard formed patterns that you may have developed over the years of interpreting.  We will be discussing how the habit loop affects your interpreting work and how you can reinforce positive interpreting habits through deliberate practice. Some of these practices we will discuss including journaling, self and peer reflection and mentorship. Workshop information is based on the book, “The Interpreters Journal. A Guide for lifelong Learning and Self Care for Interpreters and Wink’s Views article on Deliberate Practice.”​Space is limited to 25 participants.

Please contact ASL Links at with accommodations requests at least 10 days before the event.

CEUs are sponsored by NCRID. NCRID is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for Continuing Education Activities.

This PS workshop is offered at a total of 0.25 CEUs at the “Little” Content Knowledge Level.

This workshop is designed for people working in the interpreting field and interested parties of the interpreting field.

Cancellations must be received 5 days prior to the event for a full refund, cancellations received after that time will not be refunded. In the event ASL Links and/or NCRID cancel the event, full refunds will be issued.


Presented by Trix Bruce!

Non-manual signals (NMS) in American Sign Language enrich and clarify the meaning of manual signs. Come and learn the art of painting your face with a full spectrum of NMS colors and designs. Non-Manual Signals include: 1) Non-Manual Adverbs, 2) Lexical Non-Manual Behaviors, 3) Non-Manual Grammatical Markers, 4) Emotional States / Evaluative judgments, 5) Prosodic Structure, 6) Discourse Structure, 7) Turn Taking, 8) Backchannel Feedback, 9) Grammatical "Sound" Markers, and 10) Mouth Movements. This workshop will focus on developing accurate non-manual signals and markers as used in ASL. Demonstrations of each category of facial behaviors and head movements will be shown in context. Practice exercises will be offered. By the end of this workshop, you'll be an artist! (0.7 RID CEUs available)

Saturday Workshop Only:
$75 per participant/per workshop, postmarked by September 30, 2013
$135 per participant, at the door

Both Workshops:
$120 per participant, postmarked by September 20, 2013
$135 per participant, at the door

See attached flyer for registration details and additional information!

October 25, 2013:
"ASL Semantics: Precision of Expression in ASL" - Check LSDHH website on October 25, 2013 for details

Only 25 seats available - Don't Delay!


Movie premiere starring the first ever DeafBlind actor!  

Plot:  "The unlikely connection between a teen without a home and a DeafBlind man."

FREE!  Open to the Public!  But, you must register before June 20, 2019. Click here to register:  Theatre doors open at 12:00PM!

Following the film, there will be a panel discussion with the actor, who is deafblind, and the producer; and then a documentary about the making of the movie.

HKNC Helps Make Film History with Feeling Through

What is it?
• For the first time ever: a DeafBlind man as a lead in a film
• The story: a short film about the unlikely connection between a teen without a home and a DeafBlind man
• A companion documentary about the filmmaking process

Sponsored by:
The KY & TN DeafBlind Interagency Partners:
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services
KY Deaf-Blind State Coordinator with OFB/OVR
Tennessee & Kentucky Deaf-Blind Projects
Bridges for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Helen Keller National Center