Keynote Speaker, Howard Weinstein, Inventor of Solar Ear

After a series of life-changing events, Howard took a volunteer position with the World University Service of Canada to work at Camp Hill Community Trust, a community for people with disabilities in Botswana. During his four years at Camp Hill, Howard implemented the startup company Godisa Technologies, where he employed persons with hearing loss and physical disabilities. Through Godisa, Howard produced three new products: a solar energy powered hearing aid, an analog solar charger, and a rechargeable battery. The innovation of these products won Godisa an International Design Award for the best product in Africa in 2005. Within three years, Godisa manufactured more than sixty thousand hearing aids and became financially sustainable. After four years in Botswana, Howard went to Brazil to replicate his social business. Howard employs people who are deaf to manufacture hearing aids run on new solar-powered battery technology, freeing hearing aid users from the economic burden of buying regular zinc batteries at $1 per week. Through the broad distribution of these hearing aids, especially to children at a critical time in their development of speech and cognitive abilities, Howard will create new access to hearing aids and improved social integration for the largely excluded population of low-income people with hearing loss in the developing world.

Howard's keynote speech will take place during the Opening Session, Thursday, June 27, 5 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

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CEU’s will be provided.

The event is free.

This event is limited to 40 people and may fill up fast.


4th Annual Troy University’s ASL/ITP Club AIM {Alabama Interpreting Metamorphosis} Conference

Performance and workship by Windell "Wink" Smith, Jr., Dr. Byron Bridges, Paula Browning and many more... CEUs pending. 


Workshop Overview:  This online workshop is to present the business aspect of being a self employed freelance interpreter with those interested in this endeavor. This will be presented by Emily Jones.  Emily Jones graduated from the interpreting program at UNC Greensboro in 2004 and went on to pursue a masters in interpreting from Gallaudet University and graduated in 2006. She then relocated to Charlotte NC and began interpreting full time. Emily learned through many experiences that running an interpreting business isn't always easy and has learned some helpful tips along the way that she will be sharing with us. Emily is currently working part time as a free lance interpreter in the community while also being a full time mom to two small children.  Join us to learn more about successfully being your own boss. 

Educational Objectives:
• How to file for taxes as a self employed entity
• Invoicing and how to organize your invoicing system
• Personal/ Professional Liability insurance when should you get it
• Discuss the CPC regarding appropriate billing practices
• Is becoming an LLC or inc. necessary?

Please contact ASL Links at with accommodations requests at least 10 days before the event.  CEUs are sponsored by NCRID. NCRID is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for Continuing Education Activities. This PS workshop is offered at a total of  .25 CEUs at the “Some” Content Knowledge Level. This workshop is targeted to educational, community, and video relay interpreters.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced interpreter, this workshop invites you to partake in an engaging and meaningful online dialogue regarding social media and the impacts on how interpreters work. We will also focus on confidentiality, and how it changes the dynamic of relationships within our field. We will be bringing in comparisons from the CPC along with standards from different fields regarding social media. Within this 2 hour online workshop we ask that each of you prepare your own set of questions to ask the facilitators. We will be opening up the discussion after a short 30 min presentation to a purposeful and organized group discussion. Challenge yourself by focusing on what the short and long term implications from social media use within the field of interpreting. Think about your work in ways you never imagined!

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to…

- evaluate their own use of social media and understand the implications of their actions within the scope of the CPC.
- outline the areas in which the CPC covers social media.
- distinguish between ways that social media is used that breaks interpreter confidentiality and trust.

​This PS workshop is offered at a total of 0.2 CEUs at the “Some” Content Knowledge Level. This workshop is targeted for interpreting students, interpreters, and CDI's.

Please contact ASL Links at with accommodations requests at least 10 days before the event.

CEUs are sponsored by NCRID. NCRID is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for Continuing Education Activities.

This is an informal session on the RID-NAD Code of Professional Conduct. Examples, real or otherwise, will be used to illustrate questions about the Code. .4 RID CEUs
An informal gathering to discuss the Code of Professional Conduct. .4 RID CEUs
RID Interpreters sign a document that says we will follow the RID NAD Code of Professional Conduct. This workshop is to informally devote four hours to discussing the CPC. Examples, some factual, some made up, will be used to initiate discussion. .4 RID EDUs

We are pleased to announce that Troy University will again host the Mental Health Interpreter Training Program's renowned Interpreter Institute, it was announced by Troy University Vice Chancellor Lance Tatum and Office of Deaf Services Director Steve Hamerdinger. This will mark the 5th straight year of this collaboration.

The interpreter Institute is a40 - hour course designed to provide a sound basis for interpreters to work effectively in mental health settings as part of a professional team. It includes lectures, demonstrations, exercises, evaluation and discussion to develop knowledge, skills and resources to ensure that services are linguistically and culturally appropriate.

It will include introductions to:

* Medical and mental health systems and culture,
* Sources of communication breakdown associated with mental illness and treatment,
* Interpreters' roles, tools, and resources,
* Severe language dysfluency and Visual - Gestural Communication,
* Psychiatric emergencies,
* Support groups and Community Mental Health Services, and
* Demand-Control Theory applied to mental health interpreting

Full details and registration information is now available at:


BSL Nashville focuses on preparing attendees to use performance interpreting skills for professional and local events. Because BSL Nashville is located here in Music City U.S.A. we have a unique opportunity to access a wide variety of musical styles and settings ranging from dinner theatres, to national shows, to local Honky Tonks, one time big named concerts, to the famous Grand Ole Opry stage. This event will prepare interpreters to provide top quality, visually stimulating, musical interpretations, the kind which most Deaf consumers crave.