Associate's license
For the State of Ohio, the Supreme Court of Ohio Rules of Superintendence 80-89 require standards for all interpreting working in legal settings. In specific to sign language interpreters, courts are required to seek interpreters that hold SC:L. If one is not reasonably available, other RID/NAD certifications must be sought.
None Required
For pre-K-12 educational settings
Governing Body
Ohio Department of Education
A fee is mentioned but I could not find a specific amount. The license is for 5 years.
"The associate license, valid for five years, shall be issued to an individual who holds an associateÍs degree; who is deemed of good moral character; and who has completed an approved program of preparation Interpreter for Hearing Impaired Associate. Temporary and substitute licenses (OAC 3301-23-44):
ñ(A) Temporary pupil services license. A temporary pupil services license may be issued to an individual who is deemed to be of good moral character and who evidences a currently valid license or meets the qualifications as specified in this paragraph provided the vacancy has been posted with the Ohio department of education for two weeks and no properly licensed and suitable candidate has been identified by the employing district: ñ(7) Interpreter for the hearing impaired _ limited to individuals enrolled in a program leading to licensure in interpreting for the hearing impaired.î The temporary license may be renewed with completion of six semester hours of coursework from an approved program.
Temporary and substitute licenses (OAC 3301-23-44): ñ(C) Substitute teaching license. A one-year or five-year substitute teaching license may be issued to qualified individuals. Such licenses shall be designated as short-term substitute licenses or long-term substitute licenses. ñ(2) Long-term substitute license. A long-term substitute license, valid for the area listed on the license, may be issued as specified in this paragraph:î ñ(d) A substitute license for interpreter for the hearing impaired may be issued to an individual who is deemed to have the necessary skills to serve in the capacity of educational interpreter.î"
Individual Professional Development Plan, six semester hours of coursework or 180 contact hours related to the area of licensure over 5 years