North Dakota

successfully completed a three-year educational interpreter certificate program of study or who has passed the educational interpreter performance assessment at a level of 3.5 or higher
None Required
"An individual may not practice or represent as an interpreter for deaf, deaf-blind,
speech-impaired, or hard-of-hearing individuals in the state unless the individual holds a valid
nationally recognized certification."
Special Provisions
"A person may not provide video remote interpreting services in this state unless certified under this chapter. This chapter does not prevent or restrict:
1. A nonresident interpreter working in this state not more than nineteen days per year.
2. An interpreter working at a religious activity.
3. An interpreter working as a volunteer without compensation.
4. An interpreter working in an emergency. An emergency is a situation in which the consumer decides that the length of time needed to obtain a licensed interpreter is likely to cause injury or loss to the consumer.
5. The activities and services of an interpreter intern or student-in-training enrolled in a program of study in interpreting at an accredited institution of higher learning; interpreting under the supervision of a licensed interpreter as part of a supervised program; and identified as an interpreter intern or student-in-training.
6. An individual using sign language or a manual communication system as a means of communication with or on behalf of a family member, a deaf individual, a deaf-blind individual, a speech-impaired individual, or hard-of-hearing individual who has specifically requested that use by that individual.
7. A communication made as a reasonable accommodation for the employment of a deaf, deaf-blind, speech-impaired, or hard-of-hearing individual."
Class B misdemeanor