New Jersey

EIPA 3.0+, NIC/NAD, The certification for educational interpreters includes 3 endorsements: sign language interpreting, oral interpreting, cued speech transliteration.
None Required
Yes but only applies for educational interpreters
Governing Body
Educational Interpreters Professional Development Center (EIPDC)
$95 initial fee, $70 renewal fee, $125 substitute fee, if apply and get denied $70
1- Hold an associate or higher degree from a regionally accredited college or university, EIPA 3+, & 15 semester hour-credits of professional education coursework that includes study in child development, language development, curriculum development, methods of instruction, interpreting for deaf-blind students, and legal and ethical issues for educational interpreters. Such study may be part of the degree program or in addition to the degree program and may be completed at an accredited two-year college; 2- HS Grad or GED plus, RID certification, EIPA 3+, & 15 semester hour credits, 3- Oral Interpreting- HS up to college degree, demonstrate interpreting skills as evidenced through the possession of an oral interpreting certificate from a Department-approved accrediting agency; & 15 semester hour credits, 4- emergency educational interpreter certificate in sign language interpreting may be issued to a candidate with a high school diploma or GED and who has completed the EIPA with a minimum score of three. The emergency certificate may be renewed a total of three times but after that, the interpreter must meet the standards for certificate requirements. This also applies to oral and cued speech interpreters
Special Provisions
Substitute: The executive county superintendent may issue a substitute credential to serve as a substitute educational interpreter to candidates with a high school diploma or GED and who have completed the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA) with a minimum score of three. The 20-day limitation pursuant to (c) above shall not apply to such educational interpreters as substitute educational interpreters may serve for up to one academic year.