EIPA 3.5 or above, NAD 4.0 or above, NIC, RID, ACCI 4.0 or above, QAST 4.0
State Agencies
All Venues
None Required
Governing Body
Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Nebraska Sign Language Interpreter Review Board
$150 for two year cycles which expire on June 30th of each odd year, $50 for specialty license, $50 for provisional license, $25 for limited practice license, $25 late charge, $75 reinstatement charge, $10 duplicate license, $25 certified statement, $5 verification of Nebraska license, $25 administration charge.
The NCDHH Commission consists of nine members who are appointed by the Governor subject to approval by the Legislature. Statute 71-4720 requires that a majority of the commission members who are deaf or hard of hearing shall be able to express themselves through sign language. The commission members shall include three deaf persons, three hard of hearing persons and three persons who have an interest in and knowledge of deafness and hearing loss issues. Nebraska Sign Language Interpreter Review Board- The Board consists of eight people: one director of Health and Human Services or his/her designee; one director of the Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing or his/her designee; two deaf or hard of hearing people; two qualified interpreters who must be licensed interpreters within one-year of their appointment; 2 members representing local government.
Applicants must hold a valid certificate awarded by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, valid level III or higher certification awarded by the National Association of the Deaf or valid level III or higher in interpreting or transliterating on the Mid-America Quality Assurance Screening Test.
20 hours in 2 years, a minimum of 15 clock hours must be completed in the area of Professional Studies, a maximum of 5 clock hours may be completed in the area of General Studies.
Special Provisions
Specialty Licenses: Oral Interpreting, Certified Deaf Interpreter, Certified Deaf Interpreter-Provisional, Reverse Skills Certificate, Specialist Certificate: Legal and Limited Practice License which enables a qualified interpreter to work for state agencies for 30 hours or less in a calendar year. Alternative pathway for Deaf interpreters to become licensed requires written documentation of 8 hours of training on RID code of ethics, 8 hours of training related to the role and function of a deaf or hard of hearing intermediary interpreter and have passed the Mid-America Quality Assurance Screening Test written Code of Ethics examination. Have demonstrated ability to communicate non verbally through passing the Language Proficiency Interview Examination and have completed 16 hours of training through a variety of sources. A one year provisional license may be issued if an applicant holds a valid NAD Novice Level II, QAST Level II or holds a valid interpreter certificate by another jurisdiction, be 18 years of age or older and have attend a high school diploma or equivalent. They may apply to the Commission for a one time one year extension which may be granted if there is a reasonable expectation of attaining licensure within one year.
The Commission determines if violations have been committed and have several actions that they may take depending on the infraction. There are different processes in place for license reinstatement depending on the infraction. There are processes in place if a person chooses to challenge or appeal the Commission's decision.