Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (Central)

LSDHH will be closed Friday, June 14th for Staff Training.


State or Nat'l
State or Nat'l
State Agencies: 
State or Nat'l
State or Nat'l
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State or Nat'l
Governing Body: 
Office on Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Regular registration (2 years): $25, Student registration (2 years): $25, Provisional Registration (1 Year): $20, Out of State registration (2 years): $35, registration card replacement: $10, late registration renewal fee: $10, returned check fee: $30
Copy of driver's license, documentation of certification
Special Provisions: 
(f) The following shall be exceptions to subsection (2)(a)(b)(c): (i) A person may engage in the practice of interpreting for religious services without being registered under the provision of this section. (ii) Students enrolled in an approved Interpreter Training Program (ITP) are granted a student level registration provided the ITP has an instructor who also is registered under the provisions of this section and the student pays the appropriate fees. (iii) A graduate of an approved Interpreter Training Program (ITP) can continue to utilize their student level for two (2) years without registering provided they are supervised by an interpreter who is registered under the provisions of this section and the graduate pays the appropriate fees.
Misdemeanor, imprisoned up to 6 months and fine between $200-1000