QAST 3+, NAD 3+, NIC
None Required
Yes for educational interpreters
Governing Body
Georgia Professional Standards Commission
5 year cycle
18 members on board
1. Hold a valid certification through the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID); OR
2. Pass the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA) at level 3.5 or higher within five (5) years preceding the date of application and hold a bachelor’s degree or higher in any field from a GaPSC-accepted, accredited institution of higher education; (i) If the applicant is applying for licensure with the EIPA and does not meet the degree requirement, the initial five (5) year license will be issued and the degree requirement must be met for renewal.
(4) Non-Renewable Licensure Requirements:
505-2-.43 Page 2 (a) If the applicant does not meet (3)(a)1, OR (3)(a)2, excluding the degree requirement, a one (1) year Non-Renewable license in this field may be issued at the request of a local unit of administration for completion of this requirement; and (b) If the applicant does not meet renewal requirements outlined in 9(a) 1, a one (1) year Non-Renewable license may be requested by the local unit of administration to allow time for completion of renewal requirements.