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TN TDAP Expands to Include Free Wireless Devices

The Telecommunications Devices Access Program sponsored by the Tennessee Regulatory Authority is now offering wireless devices to our consumers, through Teltex, Inc. They offer iPads and iPhones with specifically designed apps for people who are experiencing: hearing loss (hard of hearing or deaf), blindness or low vision, a speech disability, loss of mobility, or a cognitive disability. They provide devices only! Consumers are required to get their own service through one of the wireless companies. Consumers will fill out the regular TDAP application, along with an attached sheet, explaining what is available.

NOTE: If a consumer has already received equipment through TDAP within the last three(amplified phones) to five(CapTel phones) years, they are NOT eligible to receive any new(meaning wireless) equipment until that time is up. 

For more information: call (615) 741-2904 and ask for Monique Brazelton or her Administrative Assistant, Mary.

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