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Talking to Kids about Coronavirus: ASL & English Resources

Source:  Mar 13, 2020 | ASDC News, Educators, Healthcare Providers, Parents and Families

As our nation takes steps to slow the spread of the coronavirus, children may worry about how the situation will affect them – and you. Here are some resources from trusted sources, both in English and ASL, to help you get the information you need to have open, informative, and comforting conversations with your child.

ASL: Facts about the Coronavirus/COVID-19
Source: UNICEF.  This video conveys information about the virus and how it spreads. For older children, adults.

ASL: Coronavirus: Did you know?
Source: ASL Services/GlobalVRS. This video includes videos from the CDC. For older children, adults.

English: How to Talk to Your Child About Coronavirus
Source: UNICEF. This article will help you have an open, supportive discussion with your child to help them understand, cope, and even make a positive contribution for others.

English: Coronavirus And Parenting: 8 Things You Need To Know Now
Source: NPR. Listen to or read this research-based (and practical) advice from reporters who are also parents.

English: Supporting Young Children Isolated Due to Coronavirus  (pdf)
Source: LSU. School cancelations can cause a big disruption. Get tips for how to navigate this change in your child’s schedule.

Music Video (with dance moves)
Source: Quang Đăng. Listen to this Vietnamese song (with English subtitles) and learn the dance moves in this “viral” video about hand washing. Fun for all ages