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Research Study at VUMC Needs Your Help!

The Listening and Learning Lab at Vanderbilt is conducting a research study to develop a questionnaire about fatigue in school-age children with hearing loss...

You may qualify if you are a:

- Parent of a child, with or without hearing loss, who is age 6-17

- Child, with or without hearing loss, age 11-17

- if both a parent and child will participate together, they must be at the computer together atthe same time.

It is anticipated that it will take approximately 5-10 minutes for each participant to complete the questionnaire. Participants who provide their email address will be entered into a drawing to win a $200 gift card!.

PARENT AND CHILD SURVEY LINK: https://is.gd/vfschlfatiguescale

If you have any questions about the study or your participation in it, please contact the Project Coordinator, Hilary Davis, at hilary.davis@vumc.org