Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (Central)

Family-to-Family Communities Project (F2FC)

Family-to Family Communities-Connecting Families of Individuals with Deaf-Blindness via Distance Technology
Registration is now open until August 10th, 2019
Register at: https://gsap.wufoo.com/forms/f2fc-registration-20192020/

F2FC brings families together to connect, share information and resources, and offer support to one another in the journey of supporting their family member with deaf-blindness.
• Each F2FC is comprised of 8-10 family members and is guided by trained Facilitators.
• F2FC groups meet once per month for 90 minutes, via phone and/or video conference.
• Topics are chosen by the group and include structured conversation and open sharing.
• Your regular participation is vital to the group!

2019-2020 Family-to-Family Communities- adjust for time zones
Schedule may require minor changes. Topics listed are a sample.
• Self-Care Strategies for Parents: First Thursday of month at 8:30pm ET; topics- building your toolbox of self-care and wellness strategies as a caregiver; Facilitators- Heather Joy Magdelano, Donia Shirley, & Jennifer Hawkinson
• Communication & Other Hot Topic: Second Sunday of month at 9:30 ET; topics- communication for your child, family, and educational team; open discussion about other relevant topics; Facilitators- Jackie Dalzell & Jenn Henkle
• Families with Members who have Peroxisomal Disorders: Third Monday of month at 8:30pm ET; topics- communication, educational support, & life balance / self-care; Facilitators- Krista Olsen & Katie Sacra
• Families with Members who have Usher syndrome: Wed. eve (time TBD); large group will meet for guest speakers and will be divided into smaller groups for conversation; Facilitators- Pam Aasen, Carly Fredericks, Lane McKittrick
• Families with Members who have CHARGE: Wed. eve at 8 or 9pm ET; topics- unique needs and services, building a network of support, family dynamics, planning for the future; Facilitators- Djenne Morris & Lori Beth Smith
• Adoptive and Foster Family Supports: Day/time TBD (evening); topics- the first year, peer-to-peer relationships, innovative strategies, and communication vs. language; Facilitator- Courtney-Ke Williams
• Life Support: First Tuesday of month at 8pm ET; topics- empowering parents to advocate for their child & access resources and just talk about whatever is happening in your life; Facilitators- Ellen Bowman & Diane Foster
• Adult Life (age 22+): Last Wednesday of month at 7pm ET; topics- adult service systems, employment, & housing; Facilitators- Jacqueline Izaguirre & Patti McGowan
• Extended Family Members: Day/time TBD; topics-understanding the impact of having a child with deaf-blindness and other disabilities and how extended family can support their loved ones; Facilitator- Jana Villemez
• 2 groups for Spanish-speaking Families: one focusing on support, the other on leadership; Facilitators- Silvia Verga,