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COVID-19 Pandemic and the Deaf-Blind Community

A letter from the Tennessee Organization of the Deaf-Blind regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic...

March 29, 2020
Dear Members and Friends of TODB,
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, we urge everyone to take into consideration the risks to you and to our SSP’s when engaging their services. Please keep employment of SSP’s and ASL interpreters to essential matters at this time.

Many of you are unaware of alternative services that can benefit the DeafBlind without creating additional unnecessary risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus. For example, groceries could be ordered and paid for online and delivered to your door. Instacart, the PeaPod app, and the Fresh Direct app are some available options. Do be aware that there may be a day or two wait for delivery at this time because of recent increased usage. Non-perishable items can also be ordered online from Walmart and Costco and delivered by UPS. CVS has also started delivery of prescriptions and essential items.

I encourage each DB consumer and their families and communities to collaborate with your area agencies, centers, organizations, services, HKNCRR, state council, AADB, and USH about how to improve the quality of safety and service for the DB during this pandemic and any future disasters.

It is important that everyone communicate with these agencies. Below are listed some of these agencies and their web addresses and/or email addresses.



Usher Syndrome Coalition:
info@usher-syndrome.org and https://www.usher-syndrome.org/hearts-on-hand.html (their new page for Hearts on Hand)


Stay safe, everyone!

John Johnson
TODB President